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Ascension is every day

Ascension isn't some event that happens on a specific date and time. It's an every day choice. It's the little pieces of your day that make up the whole of your experience. When you look back at your day and say damn that sucked, I bet you it was some collection of unmanaged negative thoughts that lead to a negative experience.

We tend to live a little fast and loose with our thoughts. We love to quietly ruminate on the negative to the point of recklessness. These unmanaged thoughts generate emotions that carry enough energy in them to create momentum. This is how things can spiral and snowball "out of control". And its actively happening in each of our minds with or without our consent.

Whatever it is you're thinking or feeling today, you have the ability to shift higher vibrational thought.

It's a choice. Maybe its not a choice you were aware of as being available. Maybe its something that is unfathomable at this moment. Maybe no matter what you do, this single thought keeps reoccurring.

We are all in a different head space. That's absolutely fine. Your being here right now says you're willing to step outside of your status quo and make a step towards something different.

The good news is that this momentum occurs for both positive and negative thoughts and emotions. It just depends on how you want to view things. So if this is happening in the background, wouldn't it be better if we started to control that flow? This is called mindful thinking.

If you're stuck in a shame and guilt cycle, I totally understand how frustrating it is when people talk of love and joy. Take it one step at a time. You just have to try and then keep trying. Aim one frequency higher.

"Just keep swimming"- Dori

Sometimes, we hit a point in our adventure where everything is just resonating so intensely that the only thing we can do is yield to it. To me it feels like everything is being torn apart at the seams. When things get too much for me to handle, I sleep it off. I do this instead of alcohol and drugs. Instead of causing fights. I just leave, go home, go to bed and clock out.

When we sleep, neutrality happens. All previous momentum generated has completed. You have the ability to generate new without limitation at this wakeup moment. You do not have the previous momentum to drive you in some other direction.

This is an ascension moment. The moment you decide to break free from your programming, trauma and pain and move in a different direction towards something better.

Wherever you fall on this chart (below)

  • What is one step higher from where you are emotionally?

  • How do you interpret the meaning of that next level?

  • How does that interpretation fit to the story of your adventure?

What was interesting for me is when I saw this chart for the first time I realized how long I had been either suffering or just getting by. How my own ego was limiting my ability to accept and give love wholeheartedly.

It takes courage to want to change your situation.

Neutrality is the doorway to all possibilities.

You posses the willingness to be an active participant in a world of your own design.

Acceptance is the acknowledgement that you're creating your own experience (both good and bad).

I celebrate you. I really do.

In those hard days, if you ever need support, ask the your guides and the universe to assist you and give it permission to assist you. Support will always be provided.

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