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Meditation by the Sea


We generate millions of alternate timelines during our multiple incarnations. These timelines are generated every time we make a choice or we focus extended attention on something. You know those what-if scenarios that occasionally run through your mind? That’s a timeline. All of these timelines hold an energetic imprint of trauma, fear, anger, sadness, pain, loss, longing, and regret. That negative emotion becomes an ongoing snapshot of a traumatic moment that runs in parallel to your current, now moment. During the ETR you choose to release them and the Spirit Team works to clear all of these away. The Spirit Team works on your behalf to release the trapped energy and close that associated timeline down. Those what-if memories stop nagging you to look backwards because they’ve been cleared.

Along the way, we pickup cordings, entity attachments, and implants  (through contract and invitation) that serve to hinder us from progressing into a higher vibration.

Our auric shields can be slow low when we're in a really negative headspace. When this happens we become susceptible to low vibrational attachment and influence.

The ETR removes all of this. The contracts allowing these experiences to occur are removed along with the low frequency energies associated.

Your no longer has to carry all of that around.
With the ETR, you allow these positive changes to occur. You allow yourself to move into high vibrational living by removing all of the frequencies below the 5th dimension. You've been streamlined. 

When left in place, all of these low frequency emotions lead to depression and sickness. By releasing all of these limiting emotions and contracts associated to them, you clear the pathway for health and wellness to occur.

Why do we need the ETR?: Image
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