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Do you have...

· Panic or anxiety attacks

· Depression and thoughts of suicide

· Have vivid night terrors and nightmares

· Experienced physical or emotional traumas that you're ready to move away from

· Sudden changes in behavior – such as increased anger and violence

· Brain freezes where any thought is consistently lost or erased

· Chronic money problems and ‘bad luck’

· Imaginary friends

· Hearing negative voices or constant negative images in your mind

· Phobias and irrational fears

· Experience an unexplained sudden loss of energy

· Paranormal events at home or work

· Seeing spirits or entities

· Personality changes after a traumatic event or surgery- such as new languages, sexual preferences, talents, cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs

· Has your child reported any of the above and/or is the victim of aggressive bullying?

It reads like a laundry list of our every day doesn't it?

I've personally gone through so many things on this list in my own experience only to find that we've been programmed to believe its OK. What if I were to tell you that all of these seemingly benign isolated experiences were actually engineered to subtly work together to control you to stay within a negative frame of mind? Our repetitive negative thoughts generate momentum that attacks more negative.

The Energy Transfer Reset (ETR) works to end that cycle. The underlying cause could be external or it could be a personal contract. The ETR works to remove those connections and release that energetic block.

With the ETR you can set a new reference point at a higher vibration.

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